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Spring lambs

And here's the icon I made from the picture in my last post.

I've been so busy this week, I've only just got round to uploading some photos from last weekend.

Our friends Frank and Monique who have come here from Holland to live and are renting a cottage on a farm not far north of Auckland, invited us to see 'the baby sheeps'. I grew up in small towns with lots of country friends and have fed many lambs and calves, but I can't resist young animals and a day in the country.

Monique rescued both lambs, the boy from starvation and the girl from a difficult birth, so by the rules of the farm, she now owns them. :-) She has worked with animals in zoos or amusement parks for years and she has a job at a rich bastard's private zoo not far from where they live, so she takes the babies to work with her each day.

Me holding the little boy
This little guy is about three weeks old but half the size of the one-week-old girl because it was a while before they find his mother had abandoned him. He was struggling to get away from me because he could see his bottle. :-)

Me feeding the boy
His tail is a bit blurry because it was whipping wildly in pleasure.

Judith, a Filipina visitor to the main farm, with the boy
She had never even seen a sheep before, let alone touched one. :-)

Monique cuddling 'her girl'
Monique rescued this lamb from a difficult birth and the mother refused her so she's bonded to Monique, who even takes her and the boy to the private zoo where she works each day so she can feed them several times a day. That's Frank in the background.

Monique and lamb again
It adores being cuddled like a cat; I don't know what Monique will do when it's a full-grown sheep. :-P

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