Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Spring kowhai

After the success of jekesta's naarmamo, National Art Making Month, she and the participants decided a new community, glarmaco, Global Art Making Community, was a good idea to keep us making art. Don't worry, this is only a weekly thing--given the time and inspiration. :-)

Because it's officially spring now, and it felt that way too until today (which is grey and very wet), I thought I'd do a spring picture.

Graphics tablet
The seasons here are hard to depict without resorting to imported exotics--our trees don't turn golden and red in autumn, or lose their leaves in winter--but I did a flowering pohutukawa tree on the beach for summer, and kowhai come out now, so these are spring kowhai flowers.

I have no idea what I'll do for a proper NZ / Aotearoa autumn (wind?) or winter (rain?) I'm rather pleased my NZ icon [points] shows a nikau palm and pohutukawa flowers, two of my favourite natives. 'Nikau', incidentally, is pronounced 'neeko', very like my name. :-)

My GlArMaCo gallery is here and my NaArMaMo one is here.

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