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Five things answers, part 2

Here are the rest of my answers to the five things meme. Sorry I'm so slow, but I've been out a lot or busy all weekend, and these things take a lot longer than you'd think.

From astrogirl2: Five things the Blake's 7 and Farscape characters would do/say to each other if they ever met up

  1. Vila and Rygel would, as a matter of pride, rob each other blind, which would have the merit of keeping them away from others' possessions. Until it occurs to them that an open season competition might be more profitable, at which point Chiana decides to join in. When they get to the point of planning a heist on a shadow depository, Stark offers to provide the silent count since the two time systems don't exactly synchronise.

  2. D'Argo and Dayna would teach each other about the ancient and traditional weapons each one knows how to use.

  3. Zhaan and Cally would meditate together, but both would show just how annoyed they can get when Vila and Tarrant hear about the dress code or lack thereof and turn up wearing lascivious grins and nothing else.

  4. Jenna and Pilot bond, as do Zen and Moya, who decide that a difference in species should never prevent two ships from starbursting as one.

  5. Servalan would look Grayza up and down, and say, "I knew they were doing cheap knock-offs of my personal style, but really, what could they have been thinking?"

From executrix: Five things Gan packed to take to Cygnus Alpha
  1. Thermal undies in case it's a bit nippy.

  2. A locket with a piece of brown hair coiled in it, a bond present from his woman.

  3. His manicure set; he likes to keep his hands and nails nice just to show he rose above a life tilling the soil.

  4. A set of resistance bands to keep himself in form.

  5. A large jar of pickles in case they're in short supply on the London and Cygnus Alpha (they were).

From kerravonsen: Five things that Vila and the Doctor would get up to
  1. First off, they go to visit Robin Hood, where Vila is greatly attracted by the camaraderie and the chance to practise his profession while being charitable. However he is put off by the outdoor living, and so unnerved by the strange resemblance of the Sheriff of Nottingham to Avon that he is relieved when they leave.

  2. Vila wants to see London before it was domed, and they arrive in the middle of a Dalek invasion. Vila is trapped by several and, armed only with his lockpicks, resorts to panicked babble (e.g. "But if you exterminate us all, you won't have anything left to do and you'll be useless and unwanted and d'you really want that?") which confuses them so much they start going round in circles, waving their plungers in distress. The Doctor happens along at this point and files away the information for future further experimentation. He dissuades Vila from keeping one as a pet.

  3. They go back to ancient Rome where they cause havoc when Vila nicks Nero's golden laurel wreath and several other items of value including his lyre, the last only to stop Nero playing it. To distract the spitting-mad emperor, the Doctor makes a pointed remark about Nero's depredations on his subjects, and they both get thrown into prison as future lion dinner. Vila breaks them and all the other prisoners and forced gladiators out, and they cause a riot in the city which ends in a rather large fire.

  4. Several centuries into Vila's future, they visit the Terran Republic, which is beginning to fall into totalitarianism again. The president keeps his files on the opposition and his vast personal wealth in a supposedly impregnable vault in his palace, but the Doctor and Vila break into it using Vila's skills and the Doctor's, publish the information they find and distribute (almost) all of the money. The government falls and the people call free elections. Rumours that the great Vila Restal was seen on security footage are dismissed as wishful thinking; he was one of Blake's legendary crew, and 'legendary' is exactly what that crew was.

  5. Their final mission takes them to a place called Homeworld where a race with strange mental powers is close to forming a planetary consciousness that encompasses all life there. They find Kerril there, only a few months older, a respected guest but extremely lonely and isolated and unwilling to be subsumed into the group mind. She comes with them, and the Doctor leaves them on Del 10 about a century after Gauda Prime and they buy and run a beach resort and call it the Villa Rest-All.

From lizamanynames: What your five favourite characters find when they get to the afterlife (from five different fandoms)
I already covered the B7 people more than once in fiction, so I won't do any of them.
  1. Stark finds Zhaan. He stares at her in amazement and joy. "Zhaan! I didn't think you'd be here. Different destinations!"
    She smiles and touches his cheek gently. "Sweet Stark. This place does indeed have many mansions but they are really all in the same place."
    "Oh." Stark leans into her touch. "Um, did you notice that my eye got healed?"
    "Why should I? We are all made whole here."

  2. House looks around in disgust at the beauty and the light. "Oh, crap. Those idiots were right. I'll never live this down." He thinks about this. "Oh, wait. I did."

  3. Miles Vorkosigan is stunned to find that his head is a lot further from the ground. "I never asked for this! I'm insulted. I got by very well with my old body, and--"
    "You do not have any choice," says a passing bald, blue woman.
    Miles gapes at her and the serene fair-haired man she is with, then notices rather a lot of women of his previous acquaintance. "Ah. Perhaps I can see the point. More of me to go around."
    "Don't even think about it, love," Ekaterin whispers in his ear from behind him.

  4. "Madonn'!" Tony Soprano reels back in horror. "Eh! Carm!: he yells indignantly. "Ya promised me I wouldn' end up here!"
    "Stop complainin'. An' besides, Carmela wouldn' of been able to do nuttin' aboudid."
    "Big Pussy?" Tony spreads his arms. "Puss, I can explain..."

  5. "Dude!" Hurley licked his lips at the spread on the groaning table. Longer lasting than Dharma ranch dressing, tastier than a taco, and he somehow knew this food wouldn't make him fat. "I'm in heaven!"
    And it wasn't just a saying.
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