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I still have my cold. My nose and sinuses are pretty much cleared up, but I've got the usual cough. Sigh. I exhaust myself coughing; you'd think I was a smoker. And it's just embarrassing getting a coughy fit in a coffee bar like I did today. Bleah. I have a weak chest like Vila and like him I've discovered that the only thing that seems to help is brandy. I need a metal hipflask like his so I can take the occasional swig at work. :-P

...but getting warmer
Spring is on the way though. I have a beautiful bright bunch of daffodils in a blue glass vase on my desk at work. They were left over from a big meeting and they make the place look sunnier just by being there. :-)

Too many things...
NaArMaMo is almost over and I'm a bit relieved. It's been great practising and getting more confident, but it so eats up your time! I can't exactly relax next month though because there are two big ficathons looming, not to mention various birthday ones. Eep.

...and two fewer
I've got rid of two commitments though. I got an e-mail from a theatrical_muse mod to tell me that kerill and daynamellanby haven't responded to the last four challenges and must do one of them and prove it with a link. [rolls eyes] It used to be OK if I posted at least once a month. Bah. The whole anal checking up and 'three warnings and you're out' thing just got to me, so I said, "Fine. Remove them." I'd rather jump than be pushed. Why do some mods make it so hard on themselves and people who just started out wanting to have fun? Being treated like a naughty schoolgirl being threatened with expulsion just gets right up my nose.

I'll keep vila_restal going though because I know some people read him. I'll probably respond to the occasional topic for Kerril and Dayna just to keep their LJs active and you never know: someone other than Vila might be lurking. I doubt it though.

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