Nico (vilakins) wrote,

NaArMaMo Day 28 - Servalan and Travis by Vila

Today's entry for the naarmamo National Art Making Month challenge really is the last in my Blake's 7 / Molesworth series. Due to huge public demand (oh all right, five of you), I gave in and did one more.

Servalan and Travis by Vila

SERVALAN, evil but beutifull supreem comander of space fleet with her pet dobberman travis. Personally i would not trust him, he wuold hav your hand of soon as look at you, chiz. I am not shure wether i wuold care to be cappshured by servalan to be onest. I waver between fear and a sertin curiossitty about wot she meen wen she sa she wuold hav her wa with me hem hem.

Drawing and text in the style of Ronald Searle and Geoffrey Willans' Molesworth books.
Part of a series which I've finally finished. Don't make me do a Jarriere.

My NaArMaMo Gallery is here.

Tags: art making month 2006, blake's 7 - art
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