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Multiple intelligence test

I did this Multiple intelligence Test, gacked from mistraltoes. Actually, most of it sounds about right. I'm not well connected to my body--in fact I'm a clumsy lout--and I've always scored well on spatial tests; so much for women being bad at them. However although I'm no extrovert, I didn't think I was that antisocial.

The Seven Intelligence Areas

Linguistic: 8
Logical-Mathematical: 9
Spatial: 8
Bodily-Kinesthetic: 5
Musical: 7
Interpersonal: 1
Intrapersonal: 9

A Short Definition of your Highest Score

Logical-Mathematical - the ability to use numbers to compute and describe, to use mathematical concepts to make conjectures, to apply mathematics in personal daily life, to apply mathematics to data and construct arguments, to be sensitive to the patterns, symmetry, logic, and aesthetics of mathematics, and to solve problems in design and modeling. Possible vocations that use the logical-mathematics intelligence include accountant, bookkeeper, statistician, tradesperson, homemaker, computer programmer, scientist, composer, engineer, inventor, or designer.

Intrapersonal - the ability to assess one's own strengths, weaknesses, talents, and interests and use them to set goals, to understand oneself to be of service to others, to form and develop concepts and theories based on an examination of oneself, and to reflect on one's inner moods, intuitions, and temperament and to use them to create or express a personal view. Possible vocations that use the intrapersonal intelligence include planner, small business owner, psychologist, artist, religious leader, and writer.

If you're interested, their page on multiple intelligence is worth reading.

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