Nico (vilakins) wrote,

NaArMaMo Day 23 - Tarrant by Vila

Today's entry for the naarmamo National Art Making Month challenge is yet another in the Blake's 7 / Molesworth series (only one more to go).

Tarrant by Vila

Our new pilot is fotherington-tarrant tho he only use the last bit. He hav a head full of curls and not much else and smile hapily orl the time on the flite dek as tho he sa "hello suns, hello planets, hello moons, hello plutons". You kno the saing "fules who rush in where angles ect ect"? Well, thats tarrant, charging into akshun with a tarrant ta ra! I am only surprised he do not ware a wite silk scarf chiz chiz.

Drawing and text in the style of Ronald Searle and Geoffrey Willans' Molesworth books.
Part of a series which is almost at an end, aren't you glad to know?

My NaArMaMo Gallery is here.

Tags: art making month 2006, blake's 7 - art
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