Nico (vilakins) wrote,

McMeal from hell

From today's NZ Herald's Sideswipe column (second article, quoted here in case the link disappears):

Ron Scott has complained vigorously to McDonald's head office about appalling service at a branch earlier this month. According to Ron, the teenager who served him "was surly, slouched and mumbled"; his order was slow, his chips were cold and the service was not what Ron expected of this fine restaurant. The team leader told Ron "the staff here are hopeless", then told the surly teenager he was a "doofus". Finally Ron and his companion received their meals and were hoping to eat and go before anything else untoward happened. But before they could finish a "youth clearly known to the staff, entered the restaurant with his shirt on but no shoes". As Ron pondered the rules regarding bare feet in restaurants, the youth went outside again, then came back in completely starkers and ran through the restaurant. The staff found this hilarious but Ron's guest, who is an elderly woman, was absolutely shocked. The team leader apologised profusely and told Ron the streaker was an off-duty employee and would certainly be sacked. After his numerous complaints falling on deaf ears, Ron finally received this response from the franchise owner: "We have taken your feedback extremely seriously," he wrote. "We have enclosed some vouchers."
Tags: weirdness
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