Nico (vilakins) wrote,

A bit of real life (it does exist!)

I suppose I'd better make a post that isn't for naarmamo.

Good Things

  • On Friday I finally got a colour printer at work, a nice fast laser which should handle what we throw at it a lot better than the old HP inkjet.
  • A new and very classy-looking Indian restaurant has opened up in the next suburb. I'm so trying it when I get my appetite back.
  • My Spaced DVDs arrived last week. Thank you to all who recommended this show; it's quirky and funny and clever and very geeky. :-D
  • I volunteered to take part in a kids' puppet show before I got this cold and it was on today. It went well though. I was a dog and a French lamb, and I got heaps of compliments on my accent. :-D I think five people behind the stand was about two too many though. It was like a rugby scrum back there at times.
  • Today I watched the SG1 200th episode today; another of the meta eps SG1 does so well. The return of Wormhole Xtreme! References to Star Trek, Farscape, Thunderbirds (!!!) and many more. And there were zombies! So much fun.
  • It looks as if the "What If" prompt will win for the Freedom City fic party, so I'll get to knock off two of my unwritten stories in the next couple of months (the other in the Finish-a-thon).
Bad Things
  • I have a cold. My head hurts, especially when I bend over or lean forward. My chest hurts. I don't feel like eating (but this is probably a Good Thing).
  • I have to go to work tomorrow despite this because we're doing a major project and I'm the only one who know how to do one part of it.
  • I've also got a review tomorrow since I've been there three months. This worries me. I always fear that I'm not good enough. I know I am technically, but I don't think I always come across well.
  • The fic party mentioned above overlaps with the Finish-a-thon and I know at least one of the stories will be quite long. [worries a bit]
Oh yes, the SG1 ep reminded me; check this out: Cartoons by Leah Rosenthal. They're mainly SG1 and I've seen the older ones before, but the more recent ones at the top cover newer fandoms like Lost and even crossovers of Boston Legal / House and My Name is Earl / SG1. :-D
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