Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Finish-a-thon and Muiltiverse story

OK, I've signed up for the Finish-a-thon. This is kerravonsen's brilliant idea, where you post all your unfinished or unwritten stories, and people vote on which one they'd like to see you write. Go over there and sign up: it's any fandom and any rating and you can't possibly end up writing something you don't want to. ;-)

And as the authors for Multiverse 2006 have been announced, I can reveal, for what it's worth, that I wrote:

Meeting of Minds

It is flawed* but I was delighted with the Jayne and Avon story, Cynical and Unresponding, that entropy_house wrote me. I didn't have her down as a Firefly fan and was therefore very puzzled about who had written such good and funny Jayne since executrix had been a beta (and therefore not the author).

* For starters, I had to make Starbuck fly a Raptor because I needed something with jump capability to get her into the future.

Tags: crossovers, ficathon stories
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