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Two films

I went to see Big Fish today. I had been intrigued by the trailers, and I read a couple of good reviews, including one from trixieleitz. I was not disappointed. I was very entertained all the way through--not bored once--and, damn it, though I guessed what was coming, I was still moved by the river scene near the end. I can sort of see why some critics didn't like this film. To me, someone who needs it in her life, it was a wonderful tale about the importance of fantasy and story-telling, but I suppose those who like realism won't go for it.

Before the film, there was a trailer for Starsky and Hutch. Now all I can remember of this TV program is one guy jumping out a window and landing on a car, and Starsky being very cute, but I know that a lot of B7 fans loved the series, many of them for its gay subtext--something my mother certainly never got if it was there.

For them then, here is the dialogue from the first scene in the trailer (as well as I remember it) in the captain's office:

Hutch: Why don't you do me a favour and go and get another perm and let the grown-ups talk?
Starsky: For your information, my hair is naturally curly.
Hutch: No, it's not.
Starsky: Touch it.
Hutch: [does so]
Captain: [outraged] Why are you touching him?

Actually, it looks like a lot of fun; I think I'll go and see it. It's set in the 70s so the series hasn't been updated to the current time; I like that. Ben Stiller is Starsky (not as cute as the original) and Owen Wilson is Hutch. The official site has the trailer on it if anyone's interested.

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