Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Looby Lou

For last week's b7friday Rosebud challenge, 400 words set in season 2. And also Gan, coincidentally.

Looby Lou

"We'll have to blast our way through," said Lieutenant Treve. "And we'd better be bloody quick or the Supreme Commander will sic her rabid one-eyed dog onto us.: He regarded the man crumpled under the rubble. "Huh. Looks like the whole thing came down on him."

"He's still alive." One of the troopers gave the body a kick.

The man stirred. "Loopy..."

"Why you--"

"Loo be loo..."

"What?" The trooper leaned over. "What the hell're you talking about?"

"Does it matter?" Treve drew his gun and shot the rebel in the head.


Gan did not mind that he was dying. He would once have given his life for his woman. No, his Lubov; he could say her name now because he was beyond all hurt. But he hadn't been fast enough. It seemed fitting that he had saved his friends now, a repayment for his previous failure.

He didn’t want to think of Lubov as he last remembered her. Better carry away the thought of her in their home back on Zephron, strong, serene, humming as she worked, her brown eyes warming at the sight of him. Or earlier at their bonding, shy for the only time in her life as she stood beside him, flowers entwined in her long brown hair and held in her large square hands and her eyes worriedly questioning whether it looked silly on someone her size. Gan liked to remember that, because of how her face glowed when he whispered that she was beautiful, and indeed she was.

Scenes merged into each other as the memories rolled further back, to when they had first met. She was new in the class, fourteen, big-boned, gangly, square-jawed, and the tallest in the room. Taller even than Gan, though he'd caught up. The other kids had called her Looby Lou after the loose-limbed wooden dolls small children played with, and Gan had turned it into his affectionate name for her a few years later when they started going out.

"Loopy..." he murmured. And it seemed he saw her there, smiling. "Looby Lou..."

She was there. She leaned over him, her shining hair falling forward to touch his face. "It's me," she whispered. Her lips brushed his forehead and she took his hand. "I've come to get you." She drew him to his feet.

And he stood, rising through the insubstantial rubble, and walked beside her to Somewhere Else.
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