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Day out

Or a few hours anyway, in which I pick up my car, go to the market, see Stark and Tarrant (in a way) and get my tickets to the UK.

As I wasn't working today I braved the weather (high winds and occasional rain--not bad considering the disastrous flooding elsewhere) and went out.

First I picked up my car which had its aircon replaced in return for three weeks' pay. I resisted getting this done, but I decided to keep the car after looking around for something I liked as much, and it's so nice to have cool clean air back.

Then I went to the weekly market in Aotea Square. I love this: a strange mixture of good and bad: tat, hippy-style clothes, cheap jewellery and also stunningly beautiful handcrafted stuff, gorgeous glassware, some polished ammonites I lusted after, woodwork, and the usual second-hand stalls. I wandered around and wished I could afford to buy some of the things I liked, had a dosa masala and a samosa followed by an organic coffee, then went to the employment agency and sat a test for MS Excel to prove how much I knew for their skills list; they were suitably impressed, and also said the two people I'd worked for so far really liked my work. Hope I get a contract next week.

On the way back, I went past Stark's Bar. I already have a picture of this here, especially taken for astrogirl2. Going past today I saw the logo on the windows and was utterly intrigued. This place has been around longer than Farscape--in fact it's named after Freda Stark, a famous dancer who used to appear naked in the Civic Theatre next door in the 20s and 30s--but you'd swear a Farscape fan owned it by the logo. I didn't have a camera but here's a sketch from memory:


Actually, if you look carefully at the photo of the bar, you can just make out the logo on the nearest window.

I went back through the market where I saw Tarrant. Oh, all right, it was an American tourist in shorts and T-shirt, but he looked just like our Tufty except for having brown eyes instead of blue: all curls, big white smile, and self-confident charm. I had a massage at one of the stalls, then bought some veggie curry and puri bread to take home for dinner.

Then I drove out to the travel agent at St Heliers bay. The waitlists hadn't cleared for Thai Airlines, so we're going Malaysian Airlines instead, via Kuala Lumpur. I don't mind; apparently they have very cool facilities including a TV for each person. It's dead scary spending that amount of money though. Now I'm feeling a touch of buyer's remorse.

After this I had a coffee in the Blue Turtle cafe across the road, and was surprised to discover the paintings on the wall were by my friend Irina. Too expensive for me but my favourite (one of some gum trees) doesn't have a price. Is it sold? Must ask her when I see her on Sunday. Though I do have a scan which I made when I was putting pictures on a site for her; I could print it off onto some good paper; she wouldn't mind. :-)

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