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I went to the Food Show today: lots of free food and wine, yay! I always run into people I know there and today it was imhilien and a couple of guys I used to know. Not together, I may add.

I bought stem ginger oat biscuits, avocado oil, Bennet's chocolates (the spice selection including chilli, and a new seaside collection with shells, fish, and pebbles with almonds in them, almost too beautiful to eat), some Himalayan salt soap, organic Bay of Islands coffee beans, and a very cool tin opener with takes the top off with no sharp edges so that it forms a lid you can put back. Brilliant for cat food.

Then I sat down to read a geeky book about scientific intelligence in WW2, and Claudia got on my lap which made me go to sleep. Cats are telepathic, I tell you. So there wasn't much time for my MaArMaMo piece which it why it's a Molesworth one.

In other news, season 6 of The Sopranos started here last week. Eep! The ending was totally unexpected. I'm glad I was unspoiled. 8-0

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