Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Poppy Day

For last week's Siouxsie and the Banshees challenge on b7friday, 200 words.

Poppy Day
by Halvor Segura, Class 3

Today is Poppy Day. I put a credit in the box and buyed bought a poppy on the way to school and the lady pinned it to my tunic. It is really clever how they make them with rolled up red paper and little black stick things inside and one green leaf just like you see in a book. They are happy and bright and make people smile. My mummy puts one behind her ear at dinner time and makes daddy bite it off her.

While I was playing with mine in the street, a vetran vetarin old soldier came up to me and aksed if I new why its a poppy. I said no and he said they are red like blood with a hart of darkness then he lent over and put his face close to mine and laughed. I was scared but then I laughed too because he had a funny patch on one eye like a pirate.

He was wrong though. Poppies stand for Opium which is for the soldiers and other peeple who want to forget somthing bad.

Poppies are for forgetting.

Poppy Day is when we honour our Mutiods.

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