Nico (vilakins) wrote,

LJ releases

LJ has a new community, lj_releases, which reports on changes and bug fixes. I had a look through their three existing posts, and thought these might interest people:

Users can now display just the year, or just the month/day of their birthdate.
This means that you can add your year (as I did a few weeks ago so that LJ have a better idea of age distribution) and still show your birthday without it if you wish. Or you can show just the year.

Fixed the bug where the mass-action delete/screen form at the bottom of site-scheme comment pages disappeared
Yay! astrogirl2 and entropy_house already noticed this one, but others may not have. It's mostly useful for bulk deleting of OOC comments in RPGs, but still.

There's also some interesting news on the latest post at news. You can now embed videos from YouTube and PhotoBucket, and LJ is going to launch an IM service called LJ talk. I'm not sure I'll use either but you never know.

And lastly, here's a laser safety sign that amused me.

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