Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Tools

For last week's b7friday sentence fragment challenge, 200 words.


The ship came lower, sullen and fast, and down the sky like a bird of prey dropping to feed.

We smiled and our minds sang silent songs of hope.

We called it. We all called it, humming and swaying as we joined our thoughts into one vast one and hurled it out into the stars, a honey-flavoured rumour of hidden richness. They tasted it and came, like insects to a flower.

And they thought we were stupid because we do not speak, except for one. Why should we when everything one of us sees and hears is shared by us all?

So we know when they want to kill more of us and we are ready, waiting. At first they laughed, but now they are as silent as us when they come with their guns. I stand at the front because I will be one of the next, and I do not mind because my memories will go to the new world with the People. Soon, if this new opener of doors they have brought here is the right one.

We smile, but not when they can see. We would not want them to know that they are just tools.

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