Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Doctor Who: Doomsday

I don't suppose I'm adding much to what everyone else has said, but anyway:


Daleks (even if they were an action replay of last season).

Cybermen and Daleks meeting and exchanging snark. Who knew the Daleks had a sense of humour?

Jackie and Mickey survived!

Cool Dalek music reminiscent of the end of last season (I love my sound system and big damned woofer).

Rose was brave and resourceful--for 90% of the ep anyway.

Mickey was great and deserves a hell of a lot better than he probably got.

Yvonne finally doing something useful and crying oily tears (the only tears I wanted to see in this ep, note).


Pretty much everything from Rose's dad rescuing her from the void. As many have said, it should have ended there. However we get to see a Rose who, months later (I assume), still hasn't moved on or grown at all. I think a better ending would have been her looking out to sea as at we see at the beginning, then turning away to Mickey, or the camera pulling back to show him standing further back. I'd have really liked to see her getting on with her life, and I do hope Mickey does if she doesn't.

[rolls eyes] All that blubbing cancelled out her bravery with the big lever (which I just knew had to be used in the climax--you don't build a prop like that otherwise).


OK, I'm not the Who fan so many others are, not having seen that much, but to me, the Doctor doesn't cry, certainly not over a short-lived companion he earlier very sensibly sent off. I've cried and mourned my cats, yes, but the Doctor is an alien who has seen entire civilisations and races die. I thought it sentimental in the extreme that he had to say goodbye to her at the end. I was squirming with embarrassment for him.


Now that RTD has got his Mary Sue out of his system, I'm hoping we're going to see a different sort of companion next season.

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