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Weathery weather

Apparently the temperature drop wasn't sudden enough for it to count as a 'weather-bomb', but yesterday icy winds from the Antarctic met hot air from Fiji and caused high winds and storms which did a lot of damage. We lost power for several hours last night--right in the middle of watching a Farscape episode--and after sweltering last week, I'm now shivering in temperatures more like May than February. That's a big drop, and the cats are looking puzzled and demanding cuddles.

I got a call today from the agency and have a 3-4 day contract with a company who just transferred to a new computer system which I have to check. It sounds dead boring, but it's a few hundred dollars more, and I need it, though I'd have liked a few days free to catch up with everything I've not had time for lately.

At least I finally made my DIY Blake's 7 calendar, with pictures from Minnie's B7 art pages printed on some canvas-look photo paper.

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