Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Childhood meme

Gacked from snowgrouse because I want to see what responses I get for #3.

1. Post a silly / interesting / cracktastic thought you had as a kid about how the world worked.

I never believed in Santa Claus because my parents never expected me to. My sister and I used to lie awake at night trying to catch Dad putting presents at the foot of our beds, but never succeeded. However I did believe in tooth fairies. They had to have a reason for their actions, so I thought they collected the teeth to use as little translucent ivory bricks to build their houses, which would be all glowy white inside during the day.

And I also thought Marmite was made of meat and Vegemite of vegetables.

2. Name the most beloved childhood item that is still with you today.

Sorry, but I haven't got anything. Zilch. My mother threw it all out when I went overseas and she moved house. If she hadn't, I'd say my Hornsby electric train set. I loved that and could switch trains from track to track with the switchbox before I could walk (that's not as impressive as it sounds; I was over two before I could be bothered). I had a green and gold engine with maroon and gold carriages, freight wagons, signals, and straight and curving track I could cover the lounge floor with. As my father loved trains too, he indulged me hugely in this. I was so obsessed at three, I referred to anything with parallel (e.g. corrugated iron roofs) as "railway lines".

3. Beyond childhood--who were you in a past life (whether you believe in it or not)? Let your flist decide.

Go on, then! Be as creative or silly as you like. :-P

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