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Fannish questions

Something very strange has happened with my ISP yesterday. I can no longer get to LJ from my PC, or ping it. "But you're here," I hear you say. Well, Greg has given me a remote login to his work's computer, bless. It's slow and I have to use IE, but at least I'm not isolated. Unless the connection goes down. Sigh.

[Edit:] I have LJ back. I hope it stays.

Anyway, here are some interesting fannish questions from spacefall.

How did you get hooked? When did your series/film/game/book/whatever reach out and mug you in a dark corner of your brain? When did you realise you'd become that most terrifying of creatures, a fan?

How did you get hooked?

In Blake's 7? It was by watching reruns in 2001. I'd seen the series years ago when they showed it here in the late 80s, I think, and I remembered little of it except for being so upset about the ending, I'd rewritten it over and over in my head. I didn't want to see it again, but someone sent me a link to some B7 quotes. They were so witty, I decided what the hell, I'd watch.

When did your series reach out and mug you in a dark corner of your brain?

It was on six nights a week and by S4, I was already trying to make Vila's world a bit better by writing his e-mails, home to his mum and to the crew. I thought maybe a handful might read them: Greg and a couple of people I knew from being a re-enactor. However, when I finally got to the last ep, I was so desperate for more, and a little hope for my friends, that I started googling. For a few weeks, I spent hours each evening reading B7 stories, and was persuaded by Judith Proctor, whom I'd submitted an essay to, to join the Lysator B7 mailing list and put the e-mails on Hermit. It was all an easy slide downhill from there: I met lots of new friends and some of them invited me here, and I'm very grateful.

Yes, B7 did change my life. :-)

When did you realise you'd become that most terrifying of creatures, a fan?

I suppose I was already one, with a personalised number plate (LIBR8R) and a web site, but I think it was when someone at a work conference noticed my car and started talking about B7 and ended up backing away when I mentioned fan fiction, the whites of his eyes showing. Well, that covers the 'terrifying' part anyway. :-P Oh, and I flew to the UK to go to Star One 2004 which was wonderful because I didn't just meet actors, but a lot of the people I know on-line. :-D

However I've always been what spacefall calls a proto-fan. All my life I've made up stories based on books or series I liked. It just took Vila's plight to force me into writing some of them.

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