December 24th, 2017

live forever

Assorted December photos

I haven't posted for a while because I have a backlog of photos and can no longer get into flickr, damn them, as I don't have a yahoo email address and don't want one. After looking around, I found imgur, though I suppose that won't last long either.

This is what I found in the car when we went to the vet to get supplies and left the windows down because it was a hot day. I laughed as I do love an unexpected cat.

This cat lives at a nearby house but hangs out at the vet, testing their cat beds. She's pretty friendly and was happy to be picked up and carried away. Her nose is slightly green; she must have had it buried in the grass.

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And with that, I wish everyone who celebrates a great day, and everyone who'd off on holiday safe journeys and a good time.

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