October 27th, 2017


All black cats look alike

This story came up on a US site, and I was even more amused when I realised just who had tweeted it - Clarke Gayford, the partner of our new prime minister, Jacinda Arden (about whom I am very excited).

The story of the mistaken cat

It's worth looking at a few others of his tweets. My favourites:

His response to the account set up in their cat Paddles' name

Paddles' response to the media mobbing their house

Swearing-in day - 'lady' for Labour?

The kea, bird of the year - YES! I absolutely loathe our people being labelled - and labelling themselves - as a stupid, shy, nocturnal bird that can't fly. If people can't handle the four syllables of New Zealander (the same number as in "American" or "Italian" - c'mon!) than let's go with kea. They have personality.

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