June 26th, 2016

nikau (NZ!)

Almost halfway there

Auckland confirmed our decision to leave it when the grass by our driveway was so wet that I almost got my shoes sucked off by the mud. Then when I hit the road to Hamilton, an hour after leaving I was inching along the motorway and still in Auckland. A few years ago I'd be almost in Hamilton by that time. No wonder so many people are leaving for the regions with traffic gridlock having got so much worse in the last couple of years, and of course the expense of living there.

We spent the first night in Hamilton with my sister, then spent most of yesterday driving to Greytown to stay with friends. Today has been the first relaxing day for a couple of weeks, being able to sleep late and have a leisurely brunch in town. We then wandered round the Greytown antique, garden, and retro bike shops. I bought an art deco tray and Greg got leather bicycle clips and a coffee cup holder for his bike. One shop owner said he'd left Auckland 7 years ago and all he missed was the sea. I'll miss more than that, but there are more new things I'll enjoy. :-)

After dinner (Malaysian, I think: yay) we'll head off to Wellington and the night ferry. We disembark in the early morning and drive to Oamaru, about 7 hours not including stops. The weather is miserable and grey and wintry but I'm hoping it won't be too wet; I want to see the countryside and enjoy this road trip.

I just rang the cattery and was relieved to hear that the girls are happy and settled, and Sebastian is still very shy but is now eating. Only a few more days till we see them again when they'll get lots of consolong cuddles and attention.

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