January 2nd, 2015


What I wrote in 2014

Not a lot. Work has been stressful and tiring, and it was only in the last week after several days' holiday that I actually got round to the last two trope_bingo stories.

Sleer and Back Again (Blake's 7 / The Hobbit fusion) - Vila's sitting outside his comfortable homey hole enjoying the morning when a series of unexpected guests turn up. Trope: futurefic (though it could have been 3 or 4 of the available tropes).

A Chemical Bond (Blake's 7) - Vila and a number of Blake's 7 characters, too many to list individually, are at a present-day high school. One of Vila's pranks brings him to the attention of a senior boy. Trope: AU high school.

Little Red Lobster-Suit (Blake's 7 / fairy tale fusion) - One day Little Red Lobster-Suit sets off into the woods to bring Blake a basket of food, drink, and his latest gadget. Trope: AU fairy tale.

In a Pinch (Blake's 7 / Discworld) - Vila Restal goes into a bar and meets... Mustrum Ridcully. An intoabar story, just for a change.

Commission (Blake's 7) - Vila and Soolin are buying curtains. But is that all? Trope: yep, curtainfic.

Outsider (Blake's 7) - After Anna's death, Avon records his thoughts in the hope that it will help. Trope: character in distress.

The big AU I've been writing on and off for a while (25k words and counting) should be finished this year. I suppose then I'll have to tackle one of the other unwritten ideas lurking in my head.

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