May 4th, 2013


May the 4th be with you!

The rain's so heavy that it looks like nightfall outside, and it's only the afternoon. We have to go out in that later as we're going to see Bryn Terfel. That stuff's tropical intensity and when we went out for brunch this morning, there was already flash flooding. It won't be sandals tonight, then.

And now it's turned into a thunderstorm. Lightning makes me (a hill dweller) nervous.

Anyway, I had to take some books back to the library on Thursday and was surprised to see a small Star Wars Lego exhibit, probably because it's school holidays. Two photos, not that good as they were taken with my phone.

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Now I've finally sorted out Google Plus photo hosting, I should get round to posting more pics.

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Who walks into a bar?

I took so long to think up anything, anything at all, to write for my last [community profile] trope_bingo entry that I missed the deadline by a couple of hours. Oh well, I wasn't thinking of asking for another bingo card anyway as I've already written so many of the tropes that appealed.

I'm going to sign up again for [community profile] intoabar / intoabar (even though it isn't spring 2013 here, dammit) but here's the thing: who walks into the bar? I've twice picked Vila since bars feature among his favourite places, and he's so easy to write interacting with the random character picked for him to meet (so far Acastus Kolya and Aeryn Sun).

But should it be someone else this time? I've considered a few other characters I'm not as confident about writing, and there are different sorts of bars they could walk into if they're not that keen on the ones serving alcohol.

Suggestions are welcome; often they can spark off some sort of inspiration, even if at a tangent. If not, I'll release Vila into the cross-fandom bizarreness again.

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