December 9th, 2012


Weathery stuff

I just got back from a day out to find that some of you lovely people were worried about me because I haven't posted since the tornado that ripped through West Auckland. It hadn't occurred to me that anyone would be, but I do apologise for not posting earlier. I was busy yesterday and too tired to post in the evening, and then we were away today.

The tornado was one of the more destructive ones, killing three (workmen crushed by the wall they were sheltering by), injuring 27, and making 250 homeless; the SPCA has gone into the cordoned-off area to find pets left behind in the panic to get out and reunite them with owners. West Auckland is the usual place hit by tornadoes for some reason. All we experienced over here in east Auckland was sudden bouts of torrential tropical rain, one of which soaked me to the skin from the thighs down despite my huge umbrella in a just few minutes while walking one block from my car to work--that rain bounces--and the power being out for a few hours.

After all that, it's been a stunningly gorgeous summer weekend. Yesterday I put up the tree of light (not that it actually has any lights what with the shortest night approaching) with the usual glass planets, stars, and the Liberator, and cooked the stodgiest batch of latkes I've ever made. I blame Greg for saying I should add more matzo meal. Eating those things was probably what made me so tired I staggered off to bed early. :-P

Today since it was so nice again we decided to got to Waitomo Caves to see the glow-worms as Greg had never been there and I'd bought two half-price vouchers. This meant that I drove two hours there and two back so yeah, I'm tired once again. On the way down we passed a convertible with a Santa and very unseasonal snowman in the back seat; Greg took photos with his phone. Silently floating on the river through the glow-worm caves was as magical as when I went with my mother and made me think of dwarves and Gollum and adventures.

What else? Oh yes, we took Jasmin and Ashley to the vet for their annual check-up and inoculation. Jasmin has put on 400g though she's still slim and sleek, and Ashley is still only 3kg. They're both in excellent nick though so she's just a small cat; the vet remarked that their fur is beautiful and in really good condition. He was really taken with them both. :-)

Anyway, hugs to you for worrying about me; sorry I didn't post earlier.

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