November 10th, 2012

spring (kowhai)

Vilakins' excellent day (and more magic water)

First of all, thank you so much, all you lovely people, for your comments on my job news! I am so lucky to have such good friends. [virtual hugs all round!]

Today was an excellent way to celebrate (although Greg is away in Christchurch at a family function). I spent the day with my sister, her husband, the ex-boarder, and two other relatives I don't see that often, starting with brunch at the local Mexican cafe and finishing with mezze at our favourite middle-eastern restaurant. After so much rain this year, this week has been fine and today was a stunning spring day with promises of summer: so, excellent food, weather, and company!

I hadn't actually been looking forward to it that much but my sister wasn't as annoying as usual (probably because she was diluted by the others) and only pushed one of her strange ideas once. Her latest thing is drinking kangen water which I think is something different from the wetter-than-normal water she used to drink. [rolls eyes] I googled the stuff just now; if you're interested, this is the sort of thing she'd tell you, and this is a good scientific look at it, not that she'd listen. But hey, placebos often work.

I also got to see the ex-boarder's place: a huge bedroom with en suite and beautiful views, and four really nice flatmates. I have to say that it was worth waiting five months for though it was hard on us introverts.

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