November 9th, 2012


People! I can haz a job!

I've been applying for heaps of jobs, and finally I got an interview which went very well, and went back for a second one yesterday: 90 minutes talking to the founders of the company and we got on so well. They rang today at lunch time and I have it! I start on the 26th, so I'll have only a weekend between the 4-week production analyst contract at the huge global drink company (which is going well, actually) and the new job.

It's in the next suburb with lots of shops, cafes, my favourite bead shop, Pilates etc. I'll be getting a few thousand more than I was and there's free parking a couple of blocks away. The people are great, very creative and interesting, keen on being sustainable and improving the world, and they've already made a big difference here by training local councils. I'll be doing techo stuff (digital media, even video editing, statistics, analysis, web stuff) and also using the other side of me (writing, editing, being creative, maybe even some artwork as they were interested in seeing it). And man, I must upload my stuff to Picasa as LJ crapbook has not only randomised my folders but lost about half the images.

Two local people started the company 20 years ago and it's now international (mainly US, Mexico, and UK). It's going to be so interesting! I almost can't believe it after so many emails saying "there were hundreds of candidates, and sorry but you didn't make the final cut, yada yada".

I'm too excited to settle down and watch some Leverage but I will because I won't be able to sleep yet.

Oh yes, and I should get round to you know, actually doing some writing for picowrimo this weekend now the pressure's off. :-)

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