August 4th, 2012

nikau (NZ!)


I got my hair cut today and on my way home I was behind Lucy Lawless in her car with the custom "1 XENA 1 Warrior Princess" numberplate. She was going to one of my local supermarkets which is odd because she doesn't live in this part of town.

We now have three gold medals which puts us 12th on the official medal table and ahead of Australia to their enormous chagrin; apparently at least one TV channel over there doesn't show us in the standings. We're first on the alternative table by population. :-)

The annual Food Show is on and we'll be going tomorrow (Sunday) first thing; it gets incredibly crowded after an hour or so but I like to see and try new products.

And it's not raining! I really like winter when it's fine and dry.

Our boarder is still with us. I should point out that she does pay board (hence the term), provides her own bedlinen and towels, and does her own laundry (at home in the weekend) but I can't see her finding a flat in a hurry, especially since her mother said one she liked was too expensive when it was standard for Auckland. I'm betting she'll still be here in summer. :-( She isn't a lot of trouble in terms of housework but people who aren't introverts (like her chatty mother) don't understand how stressful it is not to have your house to yourself. I do enjoy the weekends and the chance to do what I like and schlep around in old clothes but they aren't long enough.

Ooh, and I just saw the DW trailer on TV. They said "coming soon" which may mean that we'll see it shortly after the UK. Cool!

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