July 28th, 2012


Damn good show!

Well done, GB! I was very impressed with the Olympics opening ceremony with its green idyllic land replaced by dark satanic mills (and matching dark satanic capitalists), Mr Bond and the Queen, Mr Bean and his Chariots of Fire dream, and that wonderful run down the Thames complete with Ratty, Mole, and Toad and a flying pig over Battersea Power Station, EastEnders (and probably lots of other references I missed).

The copper bowls for each team making up the Olympic cauldron was genius.

I have to say though, sallymn is right: far too many teams dress like flight attendants in boring blazers and ties or scarves, and what were the US team thinking with their little 50s air hostess hats? I do love seeing the smaller nations in their bright national dress but there wasn't much sartorial interest otherwise.

Anyway, well done, London!

Oh, and it's Jasmin's 4th birthday today which makes it much better than the opening day of the last summer Olympics on which our Tessa died. There was tuna for all three to their great pleasure.

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