July 8th, 2012


Catch up with stuff

I don't think I've posted for weeks, but hey, I haven't had much to say.

We have a relative staying with us for what was meant to be a few days till she found a flat, but she's very picky and is still here almost two months later. She's not that much trouble, being a fellow introvert, but it means I have to cook a decent meal each night, no heating up samosas or having soup and toast more than once a week, and I have to do more housework than usual. Which is probably a good thing. But damn, I miss being able to come home and just blob out.

I haven't been much good at writing for picowrimo either and I've just realised that next month is art month and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to manage it what with a full-time job and a boarder.

I've also been meaning to post photos but I have to find somewhere other than LJ's crapbook to host them. Maybe Photobucket for photos and Flickr for art?

At least we're past the shortest day, yay, but just in the last week we've had one of the frighteningly intense tropical rainstorms we get here with flash flooding, two days of the worst fog in 20 years, and an earthquake centred in Taranaki which we didn't feel here, but Wellington certainly did (as a colleague down there on the 21st floor in his hotel discovered - his very first).

And oh joy, the single lift at work is out once again (this is the third time in the last month) meaning we have to walk up the stairs to the 4th floor (5th for those who count sensible from the ground). And that's after slogging up the hill from where I park in the first place.

I have some links. I will put those in another post.

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Linky stuff

Here are some links I've been accumulating for a while as you can tell by the first one.

Luke and Leia find the perfect father's day card

A cat and dog who meet each day for a walk

A baby on a swing with a cat as big as him; awww

The scientists who found the Higgs boson used the wrong font! I like the comment someone apparently made on Twitter: "If you don't like the font, go find your own fundamental particle".

One for quarryquest: a hamster discovers the usefulness of a phone

A German artist paints a bridge to look like Lego

Iconic images recreated with 'Star Wars' characters

And this one for sallymn (though 'Zugzwang' isn't unusual ro anyone who plays chess): Illustrations of unusual and rarely spoken words

'Yonderly' describes me quite well these days. :-P

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