May 28th, 2012



I haven't done a proper post for a while; it's been hard with an unexpected boarder (a young relative who got a job in Auckland but hasn't found any accommodation yet--and isn't likely to in a hurry as she's very picky) as I have to do more stuff like housekeeping and cooking and entertaining. We're used to having scrappy meals during the week as Greg gets home any time between 6 and 8pm but now I have to be a lot more organised; no more soup and toast. I used the slow cooker today and that's going to be a good option provided I'm organised enough the night before to cut all the stuff up and put it in the fridge ready to transfer in the morning. Tonight was Greek lemon chicken with chickpeas.

And damn, it's raining again. I hate winter. I think you knew that.

Greg is in Christchurch, combining training some new clients with seeing how his mother in the red zone is. He already fixed her hot water. He was meant to fly down on Saturday and I took him to the airport in fog, doubting he'd be able to fly out. "Nah," he said confidently, "those big planes fly in all weathers." Well, they do if their flight crews managed to get to the airport. I had to go back and get him and he drove himself out there Sunday morning at quarter-to-ridiculous o'clock.

What else is there? Work is going pretty well. I have a review next week and I'm hoping for a raise since I've been told I've exceeded their expectations. You never know your luck. After all, I'm not earning anywhere near what I did several years ago and the cost of living's gone up heaps in that time. This country is Not Doing Well, but at least I'm working for a company that's growing which is rare these days.

I watched some Leverage tonight and was a bit puzzled but realised later that I've skipped a whole season. Oy.

I should really be writing my finishathon story but I feel too tired at the end of the day. I think I'll start using my lunch hour.

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fur balls

Soft [creature], warm [creature]

I do actually have some posts stored up. Here is one of them, pictures ganked from Facebook.

Those who don't watch The Big Bang Theory may not know the Soft Kitty song that Sheldon's mother sang to him when he was sick and which he taught Penny so that she could. This song has spawned plush Soft Kitties (and yes, I have one that sings to me when I press her paw) and various other merchandise I have so far resisted. Anyway, here are the lyrics, illustrated not with the Big Bang Theory soft kitty, but what reminds me of kitten-Jasmin.

Now here's one for people who like TBBT and Doctor Who.

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