March 11th, 2012


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I haven't been very good at posting lately. Firstly I feel like a cup of tea and a nice sit down with a book when I get home from work (even though I enjoy it) and secondly I have this huge backlog of photos I have to download and then deal with. OK, I've done the first part, which is harder than it used to be because my old download program no longer works with my new PC so I have to manually create a library for each day. And I had photos going back to December.

Anyway, one thing at a time. I made Hamantaschen last week, using a new recipe, and I was very pleased with how they turned out this time (though the kitchen still looked like a flour bomb had hit it; rolling dough out isn't one of my top skills). I took some in to work since it's something people do there: cakes for birthdays or just because people have made something nice they want to share, and they all disappeared very quickly.

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Next up (well, maybe tomorrow): the Pasifika festival we went to yesterday. :-)

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Possum, tiger cubs, and Star Wars

A couple of links that may amuse or interest you.

A possum whose eyes were too big for its stomach. And yes, that photo would be untouched: one of Greg's company's local clients stored some cartons of expired soy milk (So Good to be precise) out the back of their factory and possums broke in and drank too much to move when they were found the next morning. It must be something they do.

From Retronaut, a zoo-keeper's wife taking care of tiger cubs in 1944. Awwww.

Also Retronaut, Star Wars photoshopped into historical war photos. This is sometimes amusing and sometimes really a bit creepy.

And now I'm off to bed after a miserable and wet day in which I was forced outside by the necessity of buying cat food.

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