August 25th, 2011

nikau (NZ!)

Day 25 - Taupo sunset

Even though my sister texted me this morning to say she'd ring "this arvo", she didn't (she's easily sidetracked; probably met someone in the supermarket and talked their ears numb) so I had plenty of time to finish my current book, have a nap with cats (Jasmin and Sebastian) and do some art.

I had a look through my holiday photos for something not too difficult and found one of a sunset on Lake Taupo. That looks easy, I thought, most of it being silhouette. Not so; it took ages and three different attempts with Artrage media (oils, delete, watercolours, delete, oils again) to do the water and sky, and even so it's not at all well blended. But it looks somewhat like the original. And yay for the discovery of the "dirt" sprinkle tool which did the leaves again in no time. :-)

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