April 1st, 2011


Friday night ramble

Ho hum. I am home, sneezing, snuffling and coughing, while Greg is at the neighbours'. They rang up this morning and said they were having people over and to come; Greg, thinking it was a World Cup cricket party (the final's actually tomorrow), accepted without consulting me. I'm rather glad I'm full of cold because I suspect it's her trying to sell the magic plant sugar stuff she's always trying to talk us into buying. It's not Amway, it's some other crowd whose name I can't remember, and even though I'm probably missing out on yummy Indian nibbles, she'd be telling me that her sugar powders and pills would cure my cold or stop me getting one in the first place. [googles] Oh yes, it's Mannatech and the stuff is "glyconutrients".

Anyway. I know I've been quiet lately, but then LJ has been for me too. I've realised that almost all my old B7 friends have either disappeared or moved on to other things in the last few years which has put a crimp in my fannish life. I do enjoy a lot of other series but I just don't feel like writing for them, or even reading much (with the exception of Sherlock for which the fanfiction I've come across so far is of enormously high quality).

So, Collapse )

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ThinkGeek celebrates 1 April

Ahahaha, go to ThinkGeek while they still have them up and see their April Fools joke products! They include among others:

- the original Plate Shirt
- the edible gummy iPhone cover (check out the flavours; they include fish lips)
- De-3D cinema glasses - watch in the magic of 2D!
- Star Wars Lightsaber popsicles
- Playmobil Apple Store playset (with optional queue)
- Minecraft USB desktop Nether Portal
- for your Easter needs, the Chocolate Zombie Bunny
- Dharma Initiative alarm clock
- Tribbles 'n' Bits Breakfast Cereal (free Captain Pike action figure in each box)
- Wireless Extension Cords

The product pages are even funnier. Click and crack up!

Some of their joke products in the past have become real items due to demand, like the Tauntaun sleeping bag. :-)

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