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31st July 2010

Animals (405)

  • 31st Jul, 2010 at 10:06 PM
dayna wild

This episode is the only one I fast-forwarded the first time I watched it. I have therefore never seen it all and have no intention of changing that. The only interesting thing in it is poor Vila being bullied into cleaning the glycolene tanks and condescendingly offered a drink in consolation.

It's pretty foul by the look of itCollapse )

What I've been watching

  • 31st Jul, 2010 at 11:43 PM

Things I have enjoyed watching lately are Sherlock (I liked the on-screen devices they used and the updating to current day, plus the actors), Toy Story 3 (as fun and moving and gorgeous to look at as the others), The Big Bang Theory (I've almost seen it all so far; woe!) and a new local SF series called This Is Not My Life.

For those who live hereCollapse )

And now back to a series many of you will have seen, and a question. In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon hates Babylon 5 for its bad dialogue and science, yet adores Firefly despite Joss Whedon's complete lack of astronomy knowledge. Why? Why is Firefly more appealing to a physicist than B5 when it's basically cowboys in space? Is it just the love Americans have for westerns, or am I missing something? I enjoyed both series myself, but I'd pick B5 as being more SF.

[Edit] I also meant to ask: why do all the guys dress in layers when it must be warm in Pasadena most of the time? Is it an accepted nerd thing over there? Here it'd just be themed t-shirt and jeans or even shorts in summer.

I'm going to be sorry when I've seen all of TBBT; only two more eps to go. I'm going to have to buy the DVDs as they're just as funny on a rewatch.


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