July 10th, 2010


Power (402)

As this is more misogynist crap from the dickhead Steed, you don't get a proper review. There are very few good things about this episode and they are: Gunn Sar's embroidery, the running joke about his head count, Vila's scene with Pella, and the crew acquiring a teleport and Soolin. These are however not enough to make me watch this sexist shit except for the Vila and Pella scene because it's neither.

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hello vila


What do you get if you cross Hello Kitty with Star Wars? These cute little guys! They remind me of my potato-head Darth Vader and stormtrooper. :-)

Poor Paul the Octopus. He's getting death threats for his "predictions" and now they've even got Paul recipes. Octopuses have eyes very like ours; I looked at the flags he's had to choose between and my theory is that he likes red and yellow and dislikes blue and green. I do wonder if his predictions have an effect on superstitious players though; very likely. Well too late: he's made his flag choices: Germany over Argentina, and Spain instead of the Netherlands, which are actually the results I'd like to see.

OK, another World Cup reference: a LOTR gif featuring... a certain non-musical instrument. :-P Bwahahaha, the look on Aragorn's face!