June 1st, 2010


50 years today!

TV started in this country 50 years ago today, and we just watched a celebrity gameshow based on a lot of the people and the local and overseas programs on our screens since then. I don't normally go for gameshows (except for University Challenge and Mastermind, now sadly long gone) but this was a fun format to show a lot of clips from the past. The teams didn't take it seriously at all so it was a lot of fun, and I'm amazed that Lucy Lawless (who lives here now) could sing an entire KFC ad from 1975. Lucy's team won on audience applause, yay!

Another actor I was surprised to see turned up in an ad during the show. We usually zap them with the good old TiVo, but we recognised Matthew Fox from Lost and went back for a look. He's advertising an eye roll-on by L'Oreal (I googled it) which has vitamin C and caffeine to reduce bags. WTH? And here's proof it was him (mouse over the photos). And look, Evangeline Lilly is a 'spokesmodel' too. Jack and Kate, bwahahaha. Pity they never got Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson to do something as well: head depilatories for Locke and vitamin E cream for Ben's many facial scars perhaps?

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