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24th May 2010

Lost party

  • 24th May, 2010 at 3:25 PM

This is what I'm taking to the Lost finale party tonight.

Two mangos (which I found today), two paw-paws, two vicious hunting (well, kitchen) knives, and two packets of Dharma chocolate cookies. There's a DI serial number under each one using combinations of The Numbers. I was going to have a go at piping logos onto digestive biscuits but I decided this was a lot easier. We can have them with coffee from the ridiculously expensive espresso machine Greg's company bought.

Here are some very inventive Lost-themed cakes though.

I considered photoshopping (or GIMPing) my name onto this Oceanic flight ticket but we don't have a colour printer.

I'm not looking forward to getting there and back. It will be dark and wet and I haven't been to the new offices before. I don't like driving in the dark anyway, but get nervous when it's wet and I can't see any road markings. But it will be fun once I'm there.


Happy birthday!

  • 24th May, 2010 at 5:11 PM
me with cat and wine

Happy birthday to sallymn!

I hope it's a much nicer day than it is here.

Well, crap

  • 24th May, 2010 at 9:32 PM

That was a crappy end to a crappy day.

The weather's been horrible so of course the roof's leaking again, it's going to be very expensive to have Vic's teeth scaled and the pre-cancer taken off his pink nose (I'd never choose a pink-nosed cat in this country, but he chose us), and him kept at the vet till he's able to have the Elizabethan collar off because he's never been locked inside before and I don't know how we'd deal with him going nuts trying to get out, and there's the huge difficulty of getting a passport without other personal records, and getting said records without a passport. Even though this is my fourth passport. [stab]

And we didn't see Lost in the end.

The pizzas were delicious, and the mangos, paw-paws, and Dharma cookies went down extremely well, but we were planning to watch around 7pm. Two hours later and we still didn't have the first part so everyone went home. We'll watch at home tomorrow night as usual. :-(

I have to get up at 6pm tomorrow for mall fitness and a breakfast the mall puts on every three months for us, and at the moment I really don't feel like it. I'll see how I feel when the alarm goes off.

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