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15th May 2010

Mall fitness and an art class!

  • 15th May, 2010 at 6:38 PM

I haven't posted for a while, I see. This is because the most interesting thing I've done recently is join a "mall fitness" group where we meet at Sylvia Park Mall and walk as fast as we can through it, up and down stairs, onto the roof, and round the outside (depending on weather), then have coffee together afterwards. There are stretching exercises and push-outs against walls etc so it's a pretty good workout and I enjoy the kaffee und klatschen.

But today I did something new. Last week I ran into artist Tony Roche in another mall where he was selling some small paintings and advertising his classes. I signed up for one which I went to today and did a sort of impressionist oil painting of poppies. This was fun and involved some interesting techniques using not just different types of brushes but fingers, cotton buds, and rags. I took several photos during the process, and afterwards Tony's partner took one of me and another student with our paintings to put in his class scrapbook which he shows to potential students. The painting will take at least a week to dry, and I'll get it matted and simply framed and whack it up on a wall somewhere. I'm going back to another class in two weeks to do a landscape: beach, sea, pohutukawa tree, and Rangitoto (island) in the distance which will require quite different techniques. There are advanced classes too if I want to go further.

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Some time I'll have to sort out and post the gorgeous photos I took of the garden of art at the Cafe L'Arte on my holiday. I am slack.


Rumours of Death (308)

  • 15th May, 2010 at 11:07 PM

I'm tired but have to post tonight, so I don't know whether this episode, the ep that launched a thousand fanfics, is going to get its full due.

I only drink to be sociable. Cheers, Orac.Collapse )

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