December 28th, 2009

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Yuletide recs, part 1 of 2

The site is working well for me now, so here are some Yuletide recs in some favourite fandoms. I avoided others, which I love but have not yet seen all of, for fear of spoilers. In alphabetical sequence with more to follow.

Darling's Army - a little cross-dressing at the front
Somewhat Akin to a Limpet - Blackadder at university, trying to detach his unwanted new friend Percy

A Day In The... Death! And excellent Death it is
Like Clockwork - a day in the life of Vetinari
A Place Called Home - Drumknott on his day off, with a filing problem
The Whole Damn Rigmarole - Vimes' Hogwatch

Lord Peter Wimsey
All Our Scattered Leaves - extract from letters and diaries around the time of the Armistice; wonderful Honoria voice
Preludes to a Symphony - Harriet and Peter during Gaudy Night
Sceptre at the Feast - scenes with Peter and Saint-George throughout Saint-George's life

Red Dwarf
Upgrade - Rimmer gets an upgrade

The Marlows book series
End of Summer - Nicola and Patrick; so perfectly and beautifully done, it could be canon
Five things that never happened to Ann Marlow - virtue is sometimes rewarded!
...Or What You Will - Ginty at the Merrick's twelfth night party, being Ginty


Yuletide recs, part 2 of 2

And here are the rest.

The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency TV series
For the TV series, not the books, they capture the voices and the feel very well.
A Very Serious Matter - several cases are solved
The Principles of Professional Pride - someone is making a film in Gaborone

The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency book series
This one has caught the rhythms and voices and style of the books beautifully. Stunningly good.
Gifts of Love - someone has given the orphanage a Mercedes-Benz minibus

The Princess Bride
A Duplicity of Pirates - Westley summons the Dread Pirate Roberts

Thief of Eddis book series
I know there's one of you anyway who will want to read these. Enjoy, emerald_happy!
The Landscape After Cruelty - Eugenides and Irene after marriage
The Princess of Eddis - Helen visits Attolia as a girl
There are more here. :-)

Vorkosigan Saga
There were quite a few to choose from, but I'm trying to keep it short
The Rules of Barrayaran Sex - scenes from Cordelia and Aral's marriage

Wallace and Gromit
Eh By Gum - Wallace and Gromit go into the sweet-making business

mince pies

Yuletide madness recs

These are treats written for Yuletide madness, all being fics of less than 1000 words.

Babylon 5
In the Midnight Dreams of the Emperor - Vir walking the palace at night
Gloves Come Off - Bester before his first visit to Babylon 5

Burn Notice
In Sight - Fiona keeps an eye on Michael; excellent Fiona voice

Cambridge Latin Course / Doctor Who
In Pompeium - in Latin! If you've ever learned it, this is very easy to understand, and they provide a vocabulary table. So cute!

Observer Effect - Vetinari watches Drumknott

Discworld / Thursday Next
"Ook," said the Librarian - Fun with footnotes, and footnotes within footnotes, and very meta

Strangely, these all turned out to be at the beginning of the alphabet; coincidence only.