December 10th, 2009

summer (beach)

Too hot for a meal out

We have workmen in to repair grouting in the bathroom, put new tiles at one end of the bath where the wood was very damaged, and to fit a new bath screen instead of the crappy shower curtain the cubs like to shred. To hang the bath screen, which looks great, they had to add reinforcing behind the tiled wall which meant going through another wall which right now is being replastered. This means that I've had people going in and out for tolls and to mix plaster etc, and the outside doors have been open all day so the heat pump in the TV room can't cope due to the open plan layout. This room of course is always hot in summer, but it's particularly bad today, and the workmen keep saying what a hot house it is and how it's even worse in here than outside. :-( I'd kill for another heat pump in here.

Tonight is Greg's work's annual dinner. I'm not looking forward to it because restaurants here don't have air conditioning and I'm already sweltering, dammit. I'll be wearing more clothes than I am now, even though they're pure linen, it will be stinking hot, and I could well be flailing around for small talk that isn't about what one does, or doesn't do in my case, for a living. I just hope I sit near one of the three people I sort of know.