November 24th, 2009

vila blue


I hate weather like this. It's so sticky (100% humidity) I have hardly got the energy to move, and when I went out before, my hair frizzed and stuck out as if I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards. I normally don't mind myself from the neck up (the rest being rubbish) but curly hair and shiny red cheeks? Ugh. I feel as wilted as a piece of cooked lettuce.

I know I haven't posted much lately, but my life is so depressing and boring, I really haven't much to say. We did go to a place called Martha's Backyard (a US importer) in the weekend and bought some:

  • Pop Tarts, simply because people here mention them: S'mores, chocolate, and brown sugar & cinnamon. So far I've eaten one S'more. It wasn't bad, but I don't think they're anywhere near as moreish as Squiggletops or Tim Tams. :-)
  • Tinned pumpkin. You can't get pureed tinned pumpkin here, probably because it's a major vegetable and they assume you'll buy it fresh, but I hate cutting it up. I may make pumpkin pie (there's a recipe on the tin).
  • A packet of Butterfingers which are little, very rich, peanut buttery things coated in chocolate. Not bad, but one of those is almost too much. Intense.
Apart from that, my life is about as dull as the weather. How about a list of what I'm watching?
  • Glee. This just started here and is huge fun. We don't have glee clubs, and I'm not sure why the members seem to be as much nerdy losers as those in chess or computer club, but this series just rocks! The characters are great, the song and dance routines are terrific, and I love the biting humour and, against all expectations, ex-Special Forces cheerleader trainer Sue Sylvester. She's so tough and mean, she should be running Space Fleet. Why does no one else watch this?
  • SGU: quite different from the other SGs, but this is not a bad thing, much as I loved them. This series has a whole different feel--in fact rather BSG with the dark palette and shaky cameras (and I could really, really do without the latter: why erect a barrier between the viewer and the action?) but with characters I like a lot better. Eli is of course my favourite. He's sweet and funny and clever.
  • Being Erica. I don't know anyone else who watches this, but I like it despite there being a lot of relationship stuff. It's about a woman who was rather a loser last season (so I could relate) until a strange psychiatrist sent her back in time to change things in her past; it's a sort of Quantum Leap of her own life. I like her and the mystery of what's going on, and yay, she got a future leap into someone else, which opens up possibilities.
Everything else we watch seems to have stopped for a while, but we also have huge numbers of DVDs stacked up.