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6th November 2009

Various stuff

  • 6th Nov, 2009 at 5:02 PM
loose cannon

I've had my hair cut, and I like it! It's quite a bit shorter, rather like a 30s shingled bob: all thick and glossy looking. :-) I took it in to get a third set of passport photos. [rolls eyes] The place I went to for the others didn't know that people have to put their hair behind their ears to show them. WTH? Why would they want to see my ears? Anyway, this set is the best of the lot; I don't actually look like a wanted killer. It's lucky I wasn't in a hurry for that passport.

I haven't posted much lately, but I am doing picowrimo again this month, which is a great way to get me writing. I decided on part 4 (of 5) of my Lynx series, and this one's all about mutoids, which canon didn't tell us enough about. I'm deciding on my own fanon as I go.

What else? Oh yes, my sister of wetter water fame, continues to pursue ways of being as loose a cannon as she can. She has been through astrology, vibrations, special plant sugars "scientists" got in a vision, the wetter water (which I think had something to do with the sugars, but I may be wrong) and now it's eclipses. [flails] She's now part of a sort of Jewish fundie group that follow some weirdo online who claims that eclipses always fall on Jewish holidays and can predict major events. I don't want to know. Hasn't she known me long enough by now to realise I don't want to know about her latest craze? I was considering going to see her when Greg's away in December, but that last phone call has convinced me to stay well away.



  • 6th Nov, 2009 at 6:38 PM

I should talk about the books I've read lately, but I'll just mention the Discworld ones.

Going Postal was great, and against all my expectations, mostly caused by his name, I liked Moist von Lipwig a lot. Yes, he did remind me of a certain thief with his particular brand of ethics and charm. :-)

Thud however I have mixed feelings about. Minor spoilersCollapse )

As an aside, Willikins' name still unnerves me every time I see it. He's a very cool character though, with his very correct and dignified butler speech combined with a deadly facility with anything he can turn into a weapon. :-) I'd like to read more of him. He and Vimes make an excellent team.


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