October 22nd, 2009


Happy Birthday

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When people say they don't like science fiction, that it's not literature, I always recommend The Dispossessed, and it has never failed with those who took me up on it. It is a book to read again and savour.

I hope you have a wonderful 80th!


Assorted things

A karate instructor I met talked me into taking classes, saying that it was a lot more fun--and more effective in his opinion--than going to the gym (mind you, most things are more fun). I went to my first class last night, and he was right: it was fun. He said I was "awesome" for my first time, but maybe he says that to all the beginners. :-P He warned me I might be sore today, but I haven't even had a twinge. I must be fitter than I thought, but I am a lot more active than I was a year ago when I worked in an office.

There's a new trailer for the Holmes and Watson film which I think fans will enjoy. :-)

And here are some photos that were languishing on my camera.

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