August 20th, 2009


Chocolate oranges and coffee and stuff

I feel really down and worthless and need distraction. We're going to a comedy show tomorrow night with cake and coffee (a nice combo) but I need more; perhaps some good escapist library books to make me forget that I'm me. :-P

What else? I really should post about stuff that isn't art. Oh yes, I bought a Terry's chocolate orange today. I've never seen them before but the supermarket has obviously got a load of them in and selling them on special. It turned out to be orangey chocolate segments--YUM--and I'm so getting more of those. Hey, are those the ones Travis likes?

The cafe with the apostrophe in "COFFEE'S" is open, and they didn't remove it. It looks quite nice, actually, more secluded then the other one in the mall. I could sit at the back and read a book without having a loud pensioners' kaffeeklatsch at the next table. I may relent and go to it, but I'll have to ask them "Coffee's what?"

I'll just post my art and be off to bed. There's a cryptic crossword to do with Greg.