August 16th, 2009

nikau (NZ!)

Strange sunset

I took this before we went out to Apollo 13 - Mission Control yesterday, but as it doesn't really belong with that, I'm posting it separately. It had been a wet and dark day, but just over the city the sun was shining. It looks as if it's on fire. I haven't done anything to the photo, just resized it.


I'm a steely-eyed missile woman!

Last night at Apollo 13 - Mission Control was absolutely wonderful--better even than I'd hoped!

First we went to the Middle East Cafe which has been there for ever (well, since 1980 according to their sign) and still makes the best falafels in town. It's a tiny place you have to go to early to get a table, but it's worth it: absolutely delicious falafel and salads. And lots of camels; the owner has been collecting them since the place opened, and they had carved ones, plushies, crockery, puzzles, two large Rinconada ones, jade ones, huge ones on their on shelves, tiny ones--and a biplane. Of course: it was a Sopwith Camel. :-D We even had camel-shaped biscuits with our coffee.

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On to some photos (all pretty small).

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Day 16 - Blue Vase

Today's naarmamo is a quick-and-dirty one because I didn't have much time. I spent most of the day out, then most of the rest of it dealing with photos and writing a post about the amazing evening out I had last night at Apollo 13 - Mission Control (see the previous entry). Then Greg wanted to watch some DVDs with dinner so I thought, what can I draw in 5 or 10 minutes? I know: that blue glass vase! And it really only took that long.

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