May 10th, 2009


Star Trek film review

For those interested, the Circle Lounge is as good as ever, but I missed the little selection of tapas or savouries you used to be able to order. They now offer three-course meals, not really what I want when I'm watching a film. So I just shared some Cajun fries with Greg and had a crème brulee and a coffee which was all very yummy.

Trailers seen: the latest Terminator, Angels and Demons (shame on you, Ron Howard!) and Transformers, which looks like fun.

Before I cut, here's a little non-spoilery B7 moment for the fans. When I first saw the little alien, I cried with delight, "A Decima!" (well, not really, but he was vaguely leafy). And who played him? DEEP ROY! This made me ridiculously happy.

And now, before I've read anyone else's reviews, here's mine. I've tried to leave out all major spoilers, but people's criteria vary and you might like to pay it safe and come back later. :-)

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