March 16th, 2009


Bad luck again

We missed out on a second festival (Pasifika) on Saturday due to wet and miserable weather, and just as happened with the Kumeu wine and food one last month, the next day (yesterday) was sunny, calm, and perfect for a day out. This Saturday the RNZAF is holding an air show, and I really, really want to go. I just hope the weather cooperates this time. :-P

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The Scent of a Vulcan

Star Trek and perfume are not things you'd think of together, but someone has. Genki Wear is going to launch three scents based on ST:TOS.

And what are they? The oh-so-romantically named:

Tiberius "Boldly Go", attracts females of all species. Not me, sorry. Quite apart from Kirk not being what I go for, all I can think of is George Baker in I, Claudius, not exactly the most (or at all) sensual image.

Red Shirt "Because Tomorrow May Never Come". Perhaps a not-so-subtle gift for the guy you're wanting to dump? Yeah, nothing says "surplus to requirements" like Red Shirt cologne / after shave.

Pon Farr "Drive Him Wild" - this one's for the women, which is probably why I couldn't find a picture. >:-[ Sadly it only works every seven years.